Friday, June 8, 2012


Remember how in Alien they realize they misread the transmission that brought them to LV-426, and it was actually a warning telling them to stay away? Well, we misread the Prometheus trailer.

You know how Alien wouldn't have been made at all better
by the addition of a huge human-head statue? Yeah. Well...

[Title joke by lowindustrial.]

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vote Romney for an ignorant, bigoted America. [UPDATED]

As I've mentioned before, in 2004 a majority of polled Bush supporters said that invading Iraq was OK if and only if we found weapons of mass destruction; also, a majority of polled Bush supporters said that we did find weapons of mass destruction. (In case you're not up on your history, we did not.) So, by their own account, most Bush supporters wouldn't have voted for him if they had known the facts.

Relatedly, I remember a poll from a few years back that showed that Americans as a whole did not support gay marriage, but that Americans under 30 and Americans who knew a gay person did support it. In the past few years it's become apparent to me that what I used to think was just a nice liberal talking point is in fact an actual real-world truth: bigotry is born of ignorance.

How many Romney supporters support him because they believe that the president is a secret Kenyan Communist? How many because they think he caused the bad economy, that he lost hundreds of thousands of jobs? (By Romney's own logic, the president has actually created about 3.7 million jobs.) How many because they think he wants to raise their taxes? (More than the appropriate 1%, I'm guessing.)

I don't believe it's OK to tell people what to think. But I do believe it's OK to tell people to think. Democracy works if the people understand what they're voting for. The GOP (which ought to be renamed the BCP, for Batshit Crazy Party) draws all of its power at this point from lies, distortions, and paranoid fantasies. (Sorry, not all of its power: much of its power comes in the form of money from the 1%.)

An America that votes for Mitt Romney is an America exploited by charlatans and steered by lunatics. Vote for truth. Vote for an empowered, informed electorate. Vote Barack Obama in 2012.