Sunday, October 23, 2011

destroying the almanac

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So here's the thing. I know there's a small group of people who like this blog, and that means a lot to me—I'm grateful to you, seriously. In fact I'm grateful to Alt85 itself, which I think played a big role in my getting where I am today as a writer.* But maybe the two most important things about this blog, to me, were that it was (1) a place for an unpublished, unproduced writer to have a voice and (2) an anonymous outlet for me to speak without censoring myself—and now I (1) no longer need that place (am no longer combating George McFly syndrome) and (2) seem to be on my way to no longer being quite so anonymous. Relatedly (and unrelatedly) I no longer feel so comfortable shitting on other people's work. I feel totally comfortable shitting on things that are evil, but if I see a TV show or a movie that I think is merely stupid?† Especially now that I know plenty of people who work on shows and write movies, it just seems sort of uncool to make a point of publicly criticizing someone's writing (yes, even Michael Chabon's).

And it's not so much that Alt85 is all about shitting on other people's work as it is that Alt85 is all about speaking my mind without censoring it. Somehow continuing it with limits on what I'm allowing myself to discuss seems to run against the original spirit of the thing—not to mention that, to be honest, there are certain explosive (or at least provocative and unpopular) things I've said on here that I don't especially need linked to my name. Part of me wants to take some of that stuff down, in fact, but I think at least I'd better say, "Good while it lasted," and move on.

Will Alt85 return? Not unlikely. Will it find new life in another form elsewhere? Un-unlikelier still. In the meantime, read a goddamned book—or at least watch some good television.

Of course, if any of you should like to beg for more Alt85, the great Short Round will now hear your pleas.


The source of all our problems.

* I've gone pro, y'all!
† NOTE: Possibly an invalid distinction. I've just started thinking, vaguely Arendt-style, that maybe most evil is a kind of stupidity...?